Understanding and harnessing quantum states of matter

Our research combines scanning probe microscopy with electronic transport measurements to study quantum materials and utilize them for emerging technologies, such as quantum computing.

Research Directions:

  • Quantum materials: Engineer new classes of robust electronic states in hybrid materials systems. For example: topological states in heterostructures of 2D materials or Majorana fermions — the building blocks of a topological quantum computer — which can be created at the interface of a superconductor and semiconductor.

  • Nanoscale imaging with microwaves: We employ scanning microwave microscopy to visualize electronic states at temperatures down to 10 mK, with the goal of exploring exotic magnetism, topological phases, and emergent phenomena in new materials.

  • Topological states of matter: We use device nanofabrication and electronic transport techniques to explore quantum phenomena in reduced dimensions and harness topological excitations for quantum information processing.


February 3, 2021: Shreyas Shukla joins the lab. Welcome!

January 29, 2021: Leonard Cao will give a talk about our group's research at UCSD's Lab Expo.

November 29-30, 2020: Monica is co-organizing a Symposium on 2D materials at the Materials Research Society's Virtual Spring/Fall 2020 Meeting.

June 23, 2020: Daria Bonds and Julien Alfaro join the lab as STARS summer scholars. Welcome!

Open Positions
We seek to build a diverse and creative team of scientists with expertise spanning physics, engineering, and materials science. Inquiries for positions at all levels are welcome. If you are interested, please contact Monica Allen.